Indie Paradise Reviews: DLC Quest


Everyone loves DLC. Map packs, alternative costumes, pre-order bonuses – anything to make a game last longer, right? Well, how about a game that is almost entirely DLC?

Enter DLC Quest. Yes, I know, it’s a satire, and a very good one at that, but I can’t help enjoying the game for what it is. It’s very knowing; it wears its colours very much on its sleeve and the in-jokes hit exactly the right spot. However, unlike games that employ real downloadable content, you don’t have to actually spend your own money to buy the packs. It’s a simple premise – collect the coins and buy the DLC to progress the story and rescue the princess (named Princess MacGuffin in the game. Like I said, in-jokes aplenty). It’s a pretty one-note  game for the most part, but I found myself searching out every last coin I could possibly find just so I could buy the latest bit of ‘DLC’.


The game throws up a lot of interesting questions though – could this game, which started out as a parody of overly DLC-heavy games, actually happen and become a real game?

Nah, probably not.

Still, putting everything aside, DLC Quest is a pretty decent game. It’s split into two campaigns; DLC Quest itself and Live Freemium or Die. I haven’t played the latter of the two to completion, but the former is fairly short and doesn’t outstay its welcome. I have yet to finish a few of the ‘awardments’ (or achievements), but I can’t see them being too much of a problem. I usually get bored of trying to get achievements in games or just never try in the first place (I’m not very good at games – shhh) but these ones are just challenging enough to get you to want to do them, but not so hard that you’ll spend ages tearing your hair out trying to find the last few coins – although some of the coins are hidden in some quite clever places.


All in all, DLC Quest is a nice distraction for its asking price of a couple of quid. But let’s hope that this is how it stays – as a parody.